WorkSafeSIM is designed for employers in high-risk industries who need to increase employees’ engagement in Health and Safety to further reduce workplace injuries. Easily accessible online, and tablets, the training programme contains industry-specific lessons, simulated workplaces, mini video games and assessment tools. Workplace SIM.

Personal Financial Literacy for school students in years 5-13. Students go through the animated lessons, answer multi-choice questions and, with enough correct answers, receive enough Zonian credits to play the island regeneration game to create the health, wealth, and happiness for the Bamzonianz. Register now!

Bernie's Buddies
Bernie and his buddies take you on tiki tour adventures visiting exciting New New Zealand townships. Learn how to pronounce Maori place names and what they mean. Experience the joys giving and receiving 'Koha' - and earning Community Credits along the way. Take on the quests and challenges that get to your final destination. But you must earn enough Credits to fulfill your final challenge of becoming the local hero!


Perfect Catch 

Explore the wonders of our deep blue seas and discover where the best fish swim. Catch your quota in the time to upgrade to a bigger and better trawler. Being the skipper isn’t easy. Avoid the dangers that lurk in the deep while you net your Perfect Catch. It's all about sustainability.

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Eco and Spark
Eco is from the planet Zok which is being destroyed by pollution; their natural resources have almost run out -  only a few survive. The Zok's have sent Eco to discover another planet – the perfect planet for them to live. From space, that looks like Earth - but it's surrounded by space junk. Using his solar powered wings and laser pulses, he battles his way through and into the earth’s atmosphere. From here he can see natural, rural and urban environments. This is the world of Spark. Will Spark welcome this little alien - or will they clash?